Step 2: Planning Your Route to Reach your Goals…

– In this section you will learn how to plot your course based on your specific goals.



This is the second step in your road to financial Peace of mind and Independence.


In Part 1, you got a good overview of how you need to start thinking and what type of factors need to be taken into account when correctly addressing various parts of your Financial Planning.

In this second part, we will give you more information on how to actually work out what your specific Plan should look like for yourself and your Family in order to best achieve your needs and Goals.

So, How do You go about building Your Plan?

Building a Financial Plan is just like building a house.

Before you can start building your House, you have to know:

  • where you will be building this house.
  • what the land looks like and what the best way will be to build on this piece of land.
  • You then need to have an idea of what you would like your house to look like, how many rooms, how big the rooms will be, how many garages etc etc.

By getting all these factors into play and understanding what you have to build on and what your needs will be for the new house, you are then able to get a better understanding of what you are going to need to plan for or include in the design of your home.


In putting your financial plan together, we go through a very similar process.



If we had to illustrate this process diagrammatically, it would look something like the following:

How do You Implement this in Your Life.

Before we can build your Plan, you need to establish the following:


What does your NOW look like?

Some questions for you to answer:

  • How much income do we earn as a family on a monthly basis?
  • How much do we spend as a family on a monthly basis?
  • How much do we save currently as a family on a monthly basis?
  • What is the current value of our Lifestyle assets?
  • What is the value of our current Investment assets?
  • What are our current liabilities such as bonds, loans, credit card debt etc?
  • What are the implications of our current Estate Planning?
  • If something happens to myself or my spouse, what are the financial implications for our family?
  • From a medical perspective, are we well catered for as a family?
  • Are our assets well protected?

What would you like your FUTURE to look like?

Some questions for you to answer:

  • Do we have specific goals in mind that we would like to achieve?
  • What are these goals?
  • What financial implication do they have?
  • What goals do we have along the way?
  • What are these goals going to cost?
  • What does our lifestyle look like at this Future point?
  • What does our lifestyle at this point cost on a monthly basis?

 To guide you in this process, we have put together a short tutorial which will give you some suggestions on how to go about this.

Download your FREE budgeting for Success Workbook NOW!

As we mentioned in the video, we have made available a great budgeting and assets schedule which you can download and complete. This will help you to start answering some of the critical questions in getting your Planning in place.

Your next step..


Ok, so you now need to make some decisions..

If you are serious about taking control of your financial situation, you need to consider the following:


In order to take you to the next level and make understanding of the planning process and the calculation of the projections for your planning a whole lot simpler, we have a few online courses which will help and lead you through the planning steps in a clear and methodical way.

The whole idea here is that we have put all the information & Tools that you will need into 2 simple sets of tutorials that will guide you step by step in mastering your financial planning.


The courses include tutorials right through from:


Basic budgeting and how you think about financial planning,


Actually building your plan,


Building your investment portfolio based on your planning so that you can reach your goals,


Implementing your plan and portfolio


How to maintain your portfolio as well as all associated financial planning aspects on an ongoing basis.

Obviously these courses are totally optional.

Our clients have benefited hugely from these courses, both from a time as well as understanding perspective and the fact that the courses all come with calculator tools that make life way easier when it comes to putting all the numbers and projections together, “the decision to use them becomes a no brainer”.


We have set out below a broad outline to each of the courses so that you can get a good perspective of what each offers.


The courses are designed around the 3 areas of involvement as explained under the Step 1: Knowledge overview page.


The whole idea of developing these courses is to:

Make your life Easier

Give you the level of Knowledge you are looking for to suit Your involvement level.

Give you Guidance, Mentorship and Focus

Give you Tools you will need and show you how to use these tools


Save you Time

Help You to Achieve Your Goals

Have a look through the options below. (NB, the Introductory Course is absolutely FREE so please do yourself a favor and subscribe for that one as a starting point). 

Introductory Course:   (Absolutely Free.. and an must watch for Everyone.)


This course is designed to give you a very broad overview of Financial Planning and how best to approach it and ensure that you get the right advice.

My suggestion is that you watch this video to start with.


This course covers the following topics:

  1. A overview of Financial Planning & how it can make a Fundamental difference to YOUR life.
  2. Why should we Plan BEFORE we invest our first cent.
  3. How to think about Planning your Finances based on YOUR circumstances.
  4. Where to start and How to move forward.
  5. Some basic principles that you must know in order to Plan Responsibly for your future.
  6. How to Ensure and Know you are on the right track.
  7. Taking YOUR next step.


Click the button below to get the link to these FREE tutorials.


Link me to the Free Video Tutorials


 Intermediate Course:


This course is specifically designed for those of you who are wanting to be informed enough to take REAL control of your finances.

Having completed the course, you can then decide whether you want to take things further and do your own planning or whether you prefer to leave the number crunching and planning to your adviser.

The BIG thing here is that with your knowledge and understanding of the planning process you will be able to ensure that the planning that is being carried out and implemented suites you and your families needs.

The course does give you the Knowledge and tools to do sufficient planning which would get you up and running and firmly on your way to achieving your goals.


This course covers the following topics:

  1. An overview of Financial Planning.
  2. The primary areas to financial planning
  3. Where to start and how.
  4. Lifestyle budgeting
  5. Understanding your current financial position.
  6. How set your goals and plan for your future.
  7. Understanding some basic financial products, terms and methodologies.
  8. How to interpret your planning outcomes and build your portfolio
  9. How to implement your portfolio correctly
  10. How to review, manage and monitor your portfolio going forward

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 Complete Financial Planning Course.. (The full Monty.. A to Z)


 This is our “Flagship Course”..


This course has been designed for you if you are going to be doing all your own Financial Planning and building, Implementing and managing your own portfolio.

This course is a comprehensive step by step guide through most aspects of financial planning in sufficient depth to give you the knowledge and skills to build your own plan comprehensively from start to finish.


PS. The Planning Tool that comes with this course alone is worth the full value of the course!!!


The course covers the following topics:


  1.  A look at the Financial environment and the factors effecting your planning.
  2. Overview of Life stages and planning.
  3. Lifestyle and Budgeting
  4. Assets and Liabilities
  5. Risk portfolios
  6. Financial Planning examples.
  7. Scenario testing
  8. Interpreting your planning outcomes
  9. Fitting your outcomes to risk categories
  10. Aligning your current portfolios
  11. Understanding who to invest with. (Administrators)
  12. Understanding Investment Types.
  13. Understanding Investment Options
  14. Portfolio allocation
  15. Implementing your Plan (Making your investments)
  16. Reviewing and managing your investments.

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How are you going so far?


At this stage we hope and trust that you have signed up for one of our courses and are:

  • well on your way to getting a much better understanding of where you are going financially,
  • have a way better understanding what you need to do to achieve your financial goals and are
  • in the process of developing or have developed your Financial Plan.

Although this process may be taking a fair bit of your time, I know that your efforts will not go unrewarded.


Research that was commissioned by The Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC) and others since then, has shown that:

People that make use of financial advice end up having a net worth 3X greater

than those who do not make use of financial advice.


The chart below is taken from the IFIC report and illustrates the net worth difference of different age groups.

To add to the results from the research above,

Further research done by the Center for Interuniversity Research and Analysis on Organisations (CIRANO), came up with the following results.

The chart below illustrates the extent of greater wealth that is achieved by people who receive advice and guidance as compared to those that don’t. You will notice that those that are advised end up accumulating far greater wealth over time than those who do not receive advise.

So, the Research and Numbers speak for themselves…

Your next steps..

Step 1

Go through the Tutorials you have signed up for.

Make sure that you understand what you have set out to learn.

Make sure that you have followed the steps and done the budgeting and planning that has been suggested. Taking care & ensuring you plan properly will pay off handsomely.


Step 2

Scroll down & click step 3 to Implement your Planning.

The next step in the process is to take ACTION.  This is the most important step..

Without taking action you achieve nothing!!

Remember, if you want to make a difference in your life, you have to do something differently to get a different outcome.

This is your challenge and your opportunity.

Right, so it is time to move to the next step..

You now have a Plan that will take you from where you currently stand financially to your planned Goals for the future.

Without taking action, all your hard work and efforts will be in vain. Its now time to get the ball rolling..

Implement arrow t

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