Step 1: Knowledge is the Key…..

In this section, we will show you what you need to know and where to get that information.

It may seem common sense really but, to state the obvious, knowledge about your subject is of paramount importance before your can begin anything.


Without knowledge, you won’t get out of the starting blocks.

If you think about it, we spend close to 20 years of our lives while growing up, attending school and University gaining vital knowledge that we will need to get ourselves a good, well paying job and career. So, we are taught how to earn an income, but unfortunately, we are not taught how to manage our day to day financial lives. And this is where most of us go so horribly wrong. We tend to over spend and under save and only when it is too late, we wake up and realize that we haven’t Planned for the unexpected or accumulated sufficient wealth to look after ourselves when we retire one day.

So, What is your first step?


How involved would you like to be with your Financial Planning.


Most of us don’t necessarily want to have to go and learn all the detailed “ins and outs” of Financial planning. All we are looking for is enough information to give us enough knowledge to make reasonable, informed decisions regarding our finances.

To help you get some direction in moving forward, please pick from the definitions below which will best describe your involvement in your finances.

Which of the below best describes your Involvement in your Planning?



General Understanding :

This would be the minimum level of knowledge we would suggest you arm yourself with.



Moderately Involved :

You are keen to participate and follow more closely in or even do some of your own Financial Planning.



Fully Involved :

You are keen to do all of your own Financial Planning,

Based on how involved you would like to be in your Financial planning and building up of your portfolio, we have set out suggested routes to follow below.

Click on the tab below which best describes your involvement level.


General Understanding

As you are not going to be doing your planning and building your portfolio yourself, it is vitally important that you employ the services of a competent and registered Financial Planner. Although there is a cost involved, I honestly believe that the value added by doing so far outweighs this cost. Before you do this however, it is still recommended that you gain some knowledge of basic financial planning and can then ensure that you can ask your Professional Financial Planner the correct and relevant questions to ensure you get the best advice and guidance for you and your family.

Here are some reasons for employing the services of a Professional Financial Planner (CFP®).


Stress relief. Although you are ultimately responsible for your finances, having a Professional person to talk to about your finances and have them guide and support you through planning your finances correctly can be a real “load off the shoulders”.

Knowledge & Expertise. Having someone who already has the knowledge and experience to guide you can be a real help and save you an incredible amount of time and effort. If you had to spend the time educating yourself and then doing all the research etc that you would require in order to make informed and best decisions for your finances, this may be a rather time consuming and frustrating exercise.

Independent 3rd Party guidance & Experience. Having someone who can look objectively at your situation, who has lots of experience with dealing with similar situations to yours and who knows what is best for you can be very helpful. Why re-invent the wheel when you have the right support and guidance. This will also help you when differences of opinion may come about between you and your partner. The experience and guidance from the Professional Planner would help you focus on what is best for both of you.

Where to Start and what to Aim for. Sometimes, it is just a matter of having someone to get you to take those first steps. There is just so much information and hype out there, where to start can be the hardest question to answer and stifle your whole approach.

Direction and Focus. Most of us are focused on our own careers and living our own day to day lives that we just feel we don’t have time to do much else. Having the professional guidance takes away that extra anxiety and you are able to relax and focus on what you do best and have that precious time with your family while at the same time, knowing that you future is taken care of.


So, where to from here?

We have prepared a short set of Free videos which will give you a concise overview of what you should be looking out for to ensure you get good financial planning advice.

Please click on the button below to take you to these tutorials.

Take me to the Free Tutorial Videos

  Moderately Involved


It is your intention to be moderately involved in the planning and implementation of your Financial Planning. You will in all likelihood still employ the services of a Professional Financial Planner and work together with him/her to best plan for your financial future. How you work together will be set out between the two of you. It is important that both of you understand this working relationship. Ultimately, you as the client, will still take responsibility for your planning so being involved and having a good understanding and playing an active role is great. Before you engage the services of a Planner and before you start out from your side, the best steps you can take would be to get yourself up to speed on what you will need to know, understand some of the important steps and how best to plan for you and your families financial future. This will enable you firstly to have a good perspective on what your expectations are from the planning process and also enable you to ask the relevant questions of the Financial Planner you employ.

So, what is your next Step?

As we have said, Knowledge is the key. It is therefore important that you get a good understanding of what the Financial Planning process looks like, what it is going to involve and how to approach it. Rather than typing a whole long list, we have prepared a short Introductory Video which will outline the types of things you will need to think about as well as introduce you to a course that we offer which will help you get all the skill you will need to address your planning at this level.

Take me to the Introductory Video Overview.

Alternatively, have a look at our Free Introductory Video Tutorials.


Link me to the Free Introductory Video Tutorials

Fully Involved.

You have decided to take the “Bull by the Horns” and do your own Financial Planning. This is great and I am sure you will do a great job. This is quite a challenge you have taken on and will require quite a bit of your time and a solid commitment to the process in order to do the job properly. The process in itself is actually quite simple and logical and we will do our best to help you every step of the way. It is our intention to give you all the knowledge and tools you will need in order to do the job correctly, from an initial planning perspective and then also to assist you in implementing and maintaining your plan and focus into the future.

Financial Planning done correctly can make a fundamental difference to you and your families lives and for the generations that follow too.


So, where to from here?

We take it that you are serious about this process and are aware that you are going to need to learn the “ins and outs” of Financial Planning. In order to make life a whole lot easier for you, we have developed a set of  tutorials which will take you through the full planning process. As an introduction to these tutorials and tools, click the button below which will take you to a tutorial overview. If you are determined and focused and one of those who likes to be in full control of their lives, this is the course for you.

Show me the Course Overview.

Alternatively, if you are not quite ready to take the big step, have a look at our FREE Introductory tutorials.


Link me to the Free Introductory Video Tutorials

Hope you have decided which route to take…



The General Understanding tab has a completely Free Tutorial which everyone should watch.

Do Yourself a favor and have a look at those Free Tutorials..

Time to move forward..

If you have watched the tutorial videos and downloaded and read the Free Financial Planning booklet, you are now ready to move forward.

Click the button below to go to the next step.. Building your Plan.

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