Step 3: Implementing your Personal Financial Planning.

-This is your opportunity to start making your goals a Reality…

So, how do you go about Implementing your Plan?


Before you start, we have a short checklist for your to run through in order to make sure you are ready to move forward.


 Click on and Read each of the Questions below to ensure you are ready to move forward..

Do you Have a Plan?

As the saying goes, the best time to have a Map is before you enter the woods.

You would be surprised by this but upward of 80% of people actually have NO financial plan for their futures at all. It is no surprise then that most people are not able to retire Financially Independent.

Please make sure that you have a documented plan and strategy before you start investing your money.

It is all well and good to have all sorts of portfolios, but if they have no specific purpose and direction, how are you ever going to know that you have a chance of actually reaching your Goals?

If you do not have a good plan in place as yet, may I suggest you click on the button below and look at how you can put a good and reliable plan in place for yourself and your family.

I need to build a Financial Plan

PS, even if you have lots of money, having a plan is always going to add value to you and your family as well as adding focus and better returns to your portfolio.

Remember, Proper Planning covers much more than just retirement savings.

It also covers topics like:

How you own your Business (Correctly structuring ownership to ensure protection and succession planning.)

Tax Planning.

Medical Planning

Personal and Asset Protection.

Have you made sure that your Plan enables your to reach your Goals?

It is vitally important that you have a plan that is workable and does enable you to reach your goals.

Just like if you are about to take a road trip to a specific destination, if you have the wrong map, you are definitely not going to get to the correct destination. This may seem like a silly question but there are a lot of important assumptions and decisions made in arriving at the best Plan for you that checking twice and rechecking is a must.

It is also always important to err on the side of caution in ones assumptions etc so that should an unexpected event occur, that you would always be safe.

Have you decided what Investment Vehicle to use?

Before heading off and making your investments, it is important that you know and understand the different types of investment vehicles that are available and which one or ones are going to be best for the purposes and plan you have built.

By Investment vehicle, I am referring to how you are going to hold your investments, directly with a stock broker, directly via unit trusts, within an Endowment policy, Retirement Annuity etc etc.

Do you understand the benefits and drawbacks of each vehicle and which one is going to serve your purpose best?

Have you decided on the funds you are going to invest in?

Like with choosing the correct investment vehicle, it is equally important to understand and choose the best funds for the plan you have put in place.

  • What is the goal of your plan and does your fund selection mirror the same strategy and focus?
  • Be careful to have sufficient diversification in your portfolio but also be aware of the effect of over diversification.
  • Does your Plan have a longer, medium or shorter term focus and do the funds mirror this focus?

So, If you have nodded your head to all of the above questions, you are ready to proceed.

  • You are happy with your Plan,

  • You know which Investment Vehicle you are going to use and

  • You know what funds you are going to invest into based on your planning goals and strategy.

It's time to Make those Investments.

We will walk your step by step through the process and ensure that you understand and are comfortable with every step.

Click the Button below to move forward.

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