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Biggest thing is.. You need to make a Start...


Dreams are great BUT, to realize them requires Action, Determination & Persistence.

Learn how to Plan & Invest effectively for YOUR Financial Future..


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NB: This site is about helping you Plan your future, NOT about selling you products.

Where are YOU currently in your Life?

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Are just starting out in life..

You want to take control of your life.. What are the best ways to get yourself on track right from day one?

Teenage kids, life is crazy busy between career & running your home..

It really is time that you made sure that you are on track!!

Do you have a young family & life is hectic..

But you know that you need to ensure you have stuff planned for now as well as for the future..

Are you about to retire in a few years.. Wow, are You ready for this?

It really is time that you confirm and ensure that you are on track and know how everything is going to change when the big day comes!!

To live an AWESOME LIFE, you need to have a Plan, be Focused and take Action.


Our Mission is to help your achieve all 3.

How we Help You:

Our Step by Step learning, Planning and Investment processes are specifically designed to make life simple and easily implementable for you while answering your questions, helping you learn and building your portfolio as you go.

Quick simple answers to your BIGGEST Financial Questions.

Learn What you Need to Know to Invest Successfully.


Learn How & Where to start.

How to Invest & Build a Portfolio Yourself.

Simple Step by step process to follow.

Helpful Tutorials.

Helpful Tools to do your calculations.


Simple straightforward language you can understand.

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So, Who and What are your most important Priorities and Goals in Life?

Happy Healthy close Family

Awesome Holidays..

Having a lovely Home..

Good Education for your Kids..

And Soooo much more I am sure…

So, How do you Achieve these Goals


What are Your next steps to making these Goals a Reality!!

STEP 1 –


Dedicate some of your TIME to your future success.

To achieve anything worthwhile generally takes a bit of dedicated timeThis process is no different. We will keep things simple and make this an efficient, productive and rewarding use of your time..

You need to have FOCUS and COMMITMENT.

This process is going to make a HUGE difference to your life so make sure you set aside the time and commit yourself to the Process. With your absolute participation and commitment to this process you are going to fundamentally change your life and the lives of your family for the better.

STEP 2 –

Follow a Proven and Simple Formula.

Why re-invest the wheel. Use a tried and tested formula that we have been using successfully for our clients for years. It works and is simple to follow.

STEP 3 –

PLAN before you implement.

Success always comes as a result of careful planning first. Entering the woods with no map or plan of where you are headed will just get you lost. Make sure you know where you are headed and have a strategy to reach your goals.

Below are the Steps you will need to take

to ensure that you “Follow the right course” and have the right “tools” in your toolbox to achieve Success.

Most Importantly… You NEED to make a START!!


After all, this is for You and Your Family… What could be more important..

Quick Start Guide to a Successful Financial Future..

Follow the 4 steps below and you’ll be well on your way..

Knowledge is the Key…

It is very important that before you start any journey, whether it be a road trip or correctly planning your Finances, that you understand what you are dealing with and can use your understanding of the subject to make informed and sensible decisions. Without even some basic knowledge, you cannot expect to ask the right questions, evaluate alternatives or direct your decision making in any specific way.

You need to have a PLAN

Once you have gained some knowledge, your next step is to build a plan that can safely take you from where you currently stand, to where you would like to be in the Future. Planning is critical to actually achieving your Goals. It gives you Focus and Direction and implementable steps which you need to take, starting from right now, and following through till the time when you have planned to reach your Goal.


As we all know, we can Plan till the cows come home, but without taking the required “ACTION“, all the planning in the world is not going to help us get where we want to be. Taking ACTION is often the scary step in the sequence, but you have to have belief and commitment in your Planning and take those essential steps to make your Plan a reality and your Goals achievable.

Reviewing… The All essential step to keep your Goals a reality & your plan on track..

This is often a step that is forgotten but is the “rudder that steers the ship”. It’s great to have a boat, but when it comes time to set sail, you better know “how” and “where” you are headed and be able to “keep to your course”. It is vitally important to keep up to date with your Knowledge in the subject area (Such as legislative changes, tax changes and investment and economic changes & fluctuations), Regularly review your Planning to ensure that all is still relevant to your situation. Revisit your portfolio allocations to ensure optimal growth in your portfolio, based on your Risk tolerances and cash flow needs. This is an ongoing process which lives with you as time passes.

Remember, Success requires taking Action!!

We will teach you all you need to know to plan correctly, Implement, build and manage your portfolio to reach your Financial Goals. Clicking on the Knowledge Icon below will take you to step 1 in the process.

You will be guided sequentially through the planning process by following the prompts.

Click on the “Arrow” below to make a start..

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Click the Icon above to go to the first step in creating your Financial Plan.

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